About us

One day, I was traveling to my native with my wife and two kids in my car. My lovely daughter is 5 years old and My Junglee Boy is a 1 year old at that time.
My daughter is very calm, sincere and polite in nature, but my baby boy is very riotous, hostile and wild. It was very difficult for us to handle him in the car on that day. Sometimes he was touching the wiper. Sometimes he was playing with the AC. On back sit he was trying to open the door....Very dangerous
We both husband and wife were tired and we were in the between of the journey. Still, we have to drive 250 KM in this condition. Suddenly My wife stuck with an idea and she has tied a hammock inside the car with the help of the ropes and cotton fabric and put the boy in the hammock....Suddenly the whole tired atmosphere changed into the delight and comfort.


My Junglee boy calmed down and slept in it, and it added a joy to our journey.

After this incident, we came up with the idea of this car hammock. We want to help those parents who want a peaceful trip with their babies.
We have designed a perfect, portable, and handy car hammock that provides the utmost comfort to the baby and passengers.

Our 70% workforce is women, and we support women's empowerment.