What is CarNap?

  • The CarNap is a portable, user friendly and easy to assemble car hammock for 0 to 3 year baby.
  • Whether you're traveling by Car (Any Car), Train, or simply enjoying the outdoors, CarNap ensures your little one sleeps soundly and safely.
  • With CarNap, journeys become serene moments for both parents and babies,
    making every trip a delightful experience.
  • Say goodbye to restless
    rides and hello to blissful naps with CarNap.
  • Car hammock, cradle, car cradle

    Adjustable Belt

    Our CarNap will fit in all types of cars whether it's Sedan, Hatchback or SUV.

  • Secure and Comfortable

    Travelling with baby is no more painful now. CarNap will provide secure and comfortable sleep to baby on the go.

  • Easy to Carry

    It can be folded and easily carry in a handy pouch.

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Can we use it for born baby?

Yes, You can use it for born baby also.

How long can we use it?

We can use CarNap for 0 to 3 year baby. We recommend 18 kg baby weight.

Is COD available ?

Yes, COD is available in most of the Indian pin codes.

Is it secure to use?

It is very secure to use.

Where can we use it?

You can use it in Any types of Car, Train and Home.